Family Musical <The Child of Ieper> is on London stage soon and the date is to be confirmed


<SangSangMaru>, a Korean children and family performance company presents the first original family musical of 2022 ‘The Child of Ieper’ with the theatre company <ILoveStage>.

The musical ‘The Child of Ieper’ is the second season of the Musical ‘Zorba the Cat,’ and it focuses on the main character detective Zorba’s childhood. It is a prequel of season 1 that shows how Zorba was able to grow into a great detective. It follows Zorba and his friends and family solve the case to fight the forces of evil who wants to destroy the kingdom of Ieper. The story focuses on family and friends, so it would be a great show for all age group, especially for families with children.


‘Fermato’ is a wizarding school for young cats in the city of ‘Ieper.’

All students in Fermato has their own magical abilities except Zorba. Zorba doesn’t want to be a wizard, however; he wants to become the best detective in Ieper!

Queen Freyja appoints Zorba’s father Lucas as the Great Wizard of Ieper. As the Great Wizard, he is granted with The Great Wizard’s book of magic. But the next day, we learn that Lucas and the magic book is nowhere to be seen. This becomes a problem when Gaudi’s soul that resides in the Temple of the Great Wizard also disappears on the same day.

Everyone from Fermato accuses Lucas of running away with the magic book and Gaudi’s soul. Zorba believes that Lucas has been framed, so he sets off on a journey to find Lucas with his good friend Lili and Ode.

Will Zorba and his friends defeat the dark forces and save Lucas and the kingdom of Ieper?

Reading Showcase in Seoul, Korea | Jan. 2022



Little detective who loves pranks

He loves goofing around and hates boredom more than anything.


Zorba’s friend, Little wizard, The prince of Ieper

He has a tough exterior, but he has a kind heart. He is very loyal to his friends. His magic power is to memorise everything.


Zorba’s friend, Little wizard

She is a lively and an energetic cat who loves dancing. Her magic power is clairvoyance.


Zorba’s dad. He is a loyal wizard to the queen.

He is a court wizard. He has a conservative stance on magic and very strict with following the rules.


Fermato’s most liked professor.

Due to his good looks and his easy going personality, he is a very well liked among everyone.


The queen of Ieper.

She is friendly and has a good heart. She believes that the only way to protect the kingdom of Ieper is through magic.


Prince Ode’s nanny, A servant of queen Freyja

She respects the queen very much. Her goal is to help raise prince Ode into a great adult cat.

Why watch ‘The Child of Ieper’ ?

Average of 9.5 out of 10 star rated!

The best family musical <Zorba the Cat> comes back with a brand new season!

Prequel of season 1, this musical follows young Zorba blossoming into a cat detective.

Magical abilities that tickle your Imagination!

Magic spells that cats in Fermato cast will intrigue everyone who watches the show!

From the little students to the Great wizards, there are many magic spells for the audience to explore!

Ieper kingdom in danger?

The three friends from Fermato will solve the case!

Zorba, Ode, and Lili join forces!

Can they defend Ieper kingdom against the dark forces?

Zorba, the only cat without magical abilities!

Can he recognises as a detective?

Born in a world where every cat can use magic, Zorba is born without any magical powers.

This is a musical with a moving message of acceptance and understanding.